The Wink, Hoph and Gotez Families
of Spencer County Indiana
Valentine Wink SR. born September 28, 1823, son of Heinrich and Margaret Wink, was from Waldhassen Borussiae Prussia.

Apolonia Stroble born October 31, 1830, daughter of Martin and Theresa Strobel, was from Obertsroth, Baden .

After arriving in the Americas they were married near Pittsburgh under the authority of St Philomena, Strip District. Two of their childern were born in the country near there. Aloysious born July 18, 1848 and Michaelis born April 25, baptized May 14, 1850, by a priest from St. Mary's North Side.

There they lived, only a short time when they moved to and settled in Fulda Indiana, in Spencer County.

In Fulda they had a log cabin with a large fireplace and plenty of land to farm. Here they raised their family of ten, nine boys and one girl, Aloysious, Michaelis, Thomas, Frank, Anna Marie, Valentine Jr., Nicholas, Martin, John and Henry. 

John Hopf and Margaret Guntzelam were married in Amt de Scwetzlitz, Bavaria, Germany. John and Margaret came to the United States on a sailing vessel sometime around 1850 and arrived in the vicinity of Pennsylvania. From there they traveled by covered wagon and oxen to Spence County, Indiana.

In 1854 John Hopf bought 38 acres of land at Fulda, Indiana for $300. John Hopf was a stone mason. One winter while working in Troy putting up a stone siding, the excavation caved in and John was buried alive. They had three children, Margaret Ann, John and Katherian. Margaret Ann was born in Germany and came to America with the family.

Margaret Hopf remarried, shortly after John's death, to Michael Gotez. Michael was a good friend of John's and had also came to America with John and Margaret. They had three children, Michale, Amandus and Barbara. 

Valentine Wink Jr.and Barbara Goetz were married on February 22,1887 at St. Boniface Catholic Church, at Fulda Indiana. The Winks and Goetz families were friends in Fulda. Valentine and Barbara left Fulda to go to Owensboro, Kentucky in Davisse County on March 1st that same year. They traveled down the Ohio River on the steamer Judell. They bought 83 acres of woodland in Owensboro. After clearing the land they made their home in a log cabin and farmed the land.

A new house was built in 1913. The house is still there today, located on College Drive. In this house Catherine and Martine were born.

Valentine Wink died on October 7, 1922 and was buried from St. Joseph Catholic Church. After his death Barbara and his daughters Catherine and Martine left the farm and moved to 511 Bolivar Street in Owensboro. In 1947 Barbara Goetz Wink died and was buried with her husband in Mater Dolorosa Cemetery, in Owensboro, Ky.

Valentine and Barbara had seven children, Anna Elizabeth, Margret, Albert, Paul, Kotilda Marie, Catherine, and Magdeline Martine.

Margaret Wink married Joseph Boehm on March 12, 1912. 

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