Why, Where and Thanks
This web publication is dedicate to my uncle, Cletus Guenthner. After my father died in 1954, when I was 14 years old, Cletus became like a father to my brother and sister and me. A few years before his death, Cletus encouraged me to gather Guenthner family information. Although I didn't start it until years after his death, He will know it was done.

During the past years I have visited many of the family members, attended small family reunions, funerals, and wedding anniversaries. I have enjoyed the visits and meeting more of the family and frankly I am looking forward to many more visits. I have visited many cemeteries to confirm the information we have gathered from other sources.

My aunt, Lucille Boehm Rose, and myself started working on the Boehm family tree some time during 1985. Lucille had started her work some years before.

I want to thank all those that have taken the time to help me in gathering this information. I also want to thank all those that have trusted me with their treasured family photos, in order that we may all share them in this publication.

I especially want to thank William J. (Billy Joe) Guenthner for his tremendous help during the research stages.

Information for this publication was gathered from the following sources:

The Fine Pint

I have tried to be as accurate as possible when entering the data, however there are bound to be errors, both from my data entry and from the sources from which I got the information. Most of the information has been obtained from family and published information as noted above, none of which guarantee the correctness.

I am publishing this on the web as a tool to find others researching similar families and maybe provide clues for others doing genealogical research. Feel free to used the included information for you personal use, however these pages nor the information included are not to be copied and sold for a cost.

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