Thomas H. Guenthner and his wife Mary Anna Hangs came to Kentucky between 1850 and 1857. I have not been able to find records of their birth, marriage or immigration to the United States or Kentucky. The only records I have been able to find are in Whilelmina and Henry Guenthner's marriage records in St. Martin of Tours Catholic Church in Louisville, Kentucky where they were listed as the parents.

Thomas and Mary Guenthner had three children, Leopold, born March 9 1857, Minnam Annam, born in 1860, and Henry, born in 1861.

I don't know what happened to Thomas H. Guenthner. He is listed in the 1860 edition of the Louisville City Directory. Then the civil war started and the directory was not published in those years. In 1865, the next edition, he was not listed. One story says he died in the Civil War but I can not document this.

Mary Anna Hangs Guenthner remarried some time between 1862 and 1864 to Stephen Roth. Leopold, Henry and Whilelmina lived with their mother and foster father, Stephen Roth, at 415 Madison in Louisville for some years and they later moved to 929 Madison.

Stephen and Mary had four children. Mary, was born in 1864. Katherine Roth was born on May 18,1865 and died on Sept 21, 1898. William Roth, was born in 1870 and died on November 11, 1892. Joseph Roth, was born in 1872 and died on November 2, 1892. They are buried in St. Michael's Cemetery, Louisville Ky.

Mary Anna Hangs Guenthner Roth died on April 25, 1915. Mary and Stephen are buried in St. Michael's Cemetery, Louisville Ky. There has never been a headstone on the grave site or it has since been removed.

Around 1874 Leopold Guenthner was working for the J. W. Stine & Company. He worked there until about 1889 when he started working for the D. Long Company. In 1902 he was working for U.S. Cast Iron and in 1904 he worked for the L & N Railroad. Around the time Leopold was 45 years old he retired from active work and lived with his children.

Anton Gebhard immigrated to America in 1852. Clara Walz immigrated in 1853. They were married on December 4, 1853. Anton was a shoe and boot maker. He ran his bussiness on Logan Street. They had been living at 89 Cane (Swan) St. in 1878. They had eight children. Antoine (Andrew), Magdalena, Mary A, Louise, John, Joseph, Margaret Anna, and Elizabeth C.

Mary Roth and Whilelmina Guenthner also worked at the J. W. Stine & Company. Anton Gebhard's daughter, Mary, was also employed there. I do not know for sure but it is possible that Leopold and Mary met each other there.

On the 25th of May 1880, Leopold Guenthner married Mary Gebhard, daughter of Anton and Clara Wolz at St. Vincent DePaul Catholic Church in the presence of Henry Guenthner and Louise Gebhard.

Whilelmina (Minnam) Guenthner married John Voelker JR. son of John Voelker SR. and Anna Marie Benz, on the 29th of September 1881 at St. Martin's Catholic Church in the presence of Henry Guenthner, her brother and Mary Roth her half sister. Nothing is known as to what happen to Whilelmina and John Voelker.

Henry Thomas Guenthner and Roslin Russ, daughter of Peter Russ and Catherine Miller were married at St. Martin of Tours Church on the 3rd of June 1884 in the presence of John Russ and Mary Roth.

Henry and Leopold could not agree on the correct spelling of the family name. Henry spelled the name GUENTHER and Leopold spelled it GUENTHNER. During this time the family Name was pronounced "GANTNER". There are now some in the family spelling it GUNTHER.

In 1890 Leopold Guenthner and Mary Gebhard were living at 2134 Logon Street. Anton Gebhard and his family had moved to 2117 Logan. Leopold and Mary had eleven children, Mary, born April 19,1881, Henry Thomas, born March 10, 1883, Joseph, born February 20, 1885, Philomena, born October 31, 1886, Leopold JR., born March 2, 1888, William, born Nov. 1, 1889, Anthony, born September 12, 1891, John G., born April 21, 1893, Catherine, born March 29,1895, Clara, born September 20, 1897 and Lulie, born January 19, 1901.

Little Mary died on Oct 6, 1885. Clara died February 18, 1899 and Lulie died March 10, 1903.

Catherine Guenthner left home on June 6, 1911 to join the convent. She took her vowels as, Sister Flavia Guenthner, in the Urseline Community on June 19, 1911.

Henry Thomas Guenther and Roslin Russ had seven children. John Albert, born in 1886 and died in 1963. Catherine Anna, born June 28, 1888. She was Baptized at St. Martin's Church. Her Godparents were Catherine & Michael Russ. She died on December 9, 1935. Rose Anna, born March 27, 1890. She was Baptize at St. Martin's Church. Her Godparent was Elizabeth Russ. She died on December 9, 1935. Albert Thomas, born Nov 30, 1892. He was Baptized at St. Martin's Church. His Godparents were Leopold Guenthner & Catherine Roth. He died Oct. 15, 1970. Emma, born December 16,1894 and died on March 4, 1973. Elizabeth, born in 1898 and died in August 1956. Herman, born December 6, 1901 and died October 2, 1928.

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