The Boehm Family

Thomas Boehm was born in Germany in 1782. As a farmer he and his wife, Margaret Anna, immigrated to America in 1836 with his family. He settled on a farm in Huff Township (New Boston), in Spencer County Indiana. There he followed farming until a short time before the war, when he retired from active work. He lived with his children until his death in 1864.

Thomas Boehm and his wife had seven children, George, Barbara, Ursula, Johanna, Mary, Julie, and Catherine.

Thomas was of the Lutheran faith and later became a convert to the Catholic Church. His wife Margaret was also a Catholic. Thomas Boehm died in 1864.

Martin Paulus<, was born in Saass Germany on July 11, 1792. His wife, Barbara Leisher was born March 24, 1795, also in Saass Germany. They also came to America some time between 1833 and 1849. They settled in Spencer County of Indiana.

Martin Paulus and Barbara had seven children, Margaret, Frank, Mary, Thomas, Anna M., Kunigundan and Anna. All the children were born in Germany and came to America with their parents.

Martin died on Aug 15,1852 and is buried in St. Boniface cemetery in Fulda IN. Barbara died on May 27 1866 and is buried at St. John cemetery in New Boston IN.

Maria Paulus, daughter of Martin and Barbara Paulus, married George B. Boehm on February 19 1849 in Fulda IN.

George B. Boehm, son of Thomas and Margaret Anna Boehm, was born in Germany on December 24, 1826. He was reared on a farm and received some education in his native country, but received only three months instructions in English. At the age of nineteen he married Mary Paulus. The couple lived on part of his father's farm, for which he received a deed, until 1850, when George moved his family to Harrision Township.

His first business venture was a store three miles south of Fulda (Kratzburg). In 1866 he moved his business to town. George was named in the 1879 atlas as a "dealer in dry goods and notions, groceries, liqueurs, etc." In 1881, he built a brick building and added a bar and boarding house to his dry goods and grocery business. Across the street from his establishment he owned a large tobacco warehouse. He had ten children. During the Civil War he served in Company E of the 31st Indiana Volunteer Infantry in which he enlisted in 1864. He was a Democratic in politics, and was twice elected to the office of township trustee of Harrision Township.

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George and Maria Boehm had nine children, John G, George, Margaret, John F, Martin, George R. Jr., Mary, Anna, and Joseph. George Boehm died on May 21, 1905 and Mary Boehm died on Jan 27, 1915. George and Mary are buried in St. Boniface Church Cemetery, Fulda IN.

Joseph Boehm, son of George G. Boehm Jr. and Mary Klueh, daughter of Peter Klueh and Gertrude Hensler, was born in New Boston Indiana, Spencer County on November 22, 1888. He married Margaret Wink on February 6, 1912 at Saint Joseph Church, Owensboro KY. Joseph and Margaret lived on a farm in New Boston, IN until 1923, when they moved their family to Owensboro, Kentucky to take over the farm of the deceased Valentine Wink, Margaret's father. Joseph Boehm was injured in an accident and died December 18, 1949. He was buried from Saint Joseph Catholic Church and interred in Mater Dolorosa Cemetery in Owensboro KY. In 1941 Margaret left the farm and moved into the city of Owensboro. She became interested in the Spastic Home and worked there as a cook for over 20 years. She died on March 4, 1981 and was buried with her husband in the Mater Dolorosa Cemetery in Owensboro KY.

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