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Tom's Genealogy Page

These Web Pages represent the current status of family research. By publishing the research on the Internet it will be available to all who may have an interest in it. I am working on these pages continuously. So please visit it again whenever you like. The surnames names in my research include: Guenthner, Boehm, Wink, Schnell and Cusick. There is a surname index that includes all the names.

Please contact me if you can help in my research (e. g. if you know something or a name in any of the family-trees) or if you think that I may help you in your research. Comments about these pages are always welcome.

Do not bookmark any of the following pages as the information on them is subject to changa as they are updated. Please bookmark this page.

The Fine Print
I have tried to be as accurate as possible when entering the data, however there are bound to be errors, both from my data entry and from the sources from which I got the information. Most of the information has been obtained from family and published information, none of which guarantee the correctness.

I am publishing this on the web as a tool to find others researching similar families and maybe provide clues for others doing genealogical research. Feel free to used the included information for you personal use, however these pages and the information included are not to be copied or sold.

© Thomas J. Guenthner * Louisville, Kentucky * 1997 - 2020

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