History Holy Name Catholic Church 1891-1965

Louisville, Kentucky
Father Richard Davis was sent by the Most Reverend William G. McCloskey to begin the initial work in founding Holy Name Parish in the late fall of 1890. He stayed a brief period when he was transferred. Father Richard Davis died October 3, 1941 as Chaplain at The Nazareth Motherhouse, Nazareth, Kentucky.

Reverend Richard Davis, Pastor 1890-1891
Father Louis G. Deppen succeeded Father Davis as pastor of Holy Name Parish in the spring of 1891. Father Deppen remained at Holy Name for a year and a half. In 1892 he was made pastor of St. Mary Magdalen Church, Louisville, Kentucky, and Chancellor of the Diocese. From 1899 until the time of his death which occurred December 15, 1919, he was editor of the Record and chaplain at St. Joseph Infirmary.

In a dwelling at 2823 South Third Street, Father Louis Deppen offered the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass for the first time for the entire pariah which numbered less than twenty souls.

The first Church was located at the corner of Fourth and 0 streets. It was a frame structure 32 x 60 feet built by the Reverend Louis Deppen. The Church was blessed by the Most Reverend William G. McCloskey on May 31, 1891. A residence for the pastor was completed on July 10, 1891. The first school a small frame building was occupied on September 28, 1891. The twenty-three pupils were taught by two Sisters of Charity of Nazareth,Sister Irmina and Sister Prisca.

Reverend Louis G. Deppen, Pastor 1891-1892

2823 South 4th

The First Church

Father James P. Cronin was in charge of Holy Name for a few weeks until the arrival of his successor Father John T. O'Connor.

Father Cronin later was made Pastor of St. Patrick's Church, Louisville, Kentucky, Vicar General of the Diocese and finally the Apostolic Administrator of the Diocese. He died December 26, 1922.

Reverend James P. Cronin, Pastor 1892-1893

Father John T. O'Connor was appointed pastor of Holy Name Church January 26, 1893. During his pastorate of thirty-eight years Father O'Connor labored with untiring zeal for the cause of God and religion in South Louisville. Upon his shoulders was placed the heavy burden of building to provide for the needs of the parish which grew rapidly.

Erected October 1, 1902 at an estimated cost of $13,000. The school accommodated 400 pupils. The auditorium used for the Church on the second floor seated 600. On Feb. 22, 1903 the Church was blessed by the Most Reverend William G. McCloskey, who also preached the sermon. The auditorium was used for divine services until October 27, 1912.

In the Spring of 1911, plans for the building of the Church were drawn up by architect J. J. Gaffney. Ground was broken July 31, 1911. With little interruption the construction progressed rapidly. The building was finished in October 1912 and blessed by the Most Reverend Denis O'Donaghue on October 27, 1912 and was consecrated by the Most Reverend John A. Floerah, D.D., September 30, 1924. Holy Name was the first church consecrated by Archbishop Floersh.

This beautiful Church building of glazed brick, Romanesque in design, and seating approximately 850 persons is a monument not only to the zeal, labor and good judgment of Father John O'Connor but also a monument to the heroic sacrifices of the past and present parishioners of Holy Name Parish.

Father John O'Connor died on February 10, 1931. The Most Reverend John A. Floersh, D.D. was celebrant of the Pontifical Requiem Mass. Father John O'Connor will long be remembered by the people of South Louisville. His name is still revered and cherished highly. To him and to the parishioners of a generation past the parish owes a great debt of gratitude. They have indeed extended the kingdom of God on earth and have handed down to the generation of today an example of lively Christian faith which is worthy of imitation and which has been a great factor in making the Catholic spirit and action so solid in South Louisville today.

Reverend John T. O'Connor
Pastor, Holy Name, Jan. 26, 1893 to Feb. 10, 1931

School built 1902

Holy Name Church, completed 1912

Old Convent built 1890
South wing added 1922
Additional improvements 1927

Reverend James P. McGee was appointed Administrator of Holy Name Parish from February 13, 1931 to February 2, 1932 Pastor of St. Philip Neri Church, Louisville, Kentucky

Reverend James P. McGee, Paster 1931-1932

Father Francis J. Timoney was appointed pastor of Holy Name Church on February 3, 1932. One of his first undertakings as pastor was the remodeling of the school. An addition was made to the school, and the auditorium on the second floor was converted into class rooms at a cost of $22,000.00. The school was equipped to take care of 900 pupils. The basement was likewise remodeled and stokers were installed for church and school. Space was provided for a kitchen and cafeteria.

With the enlargement of the school the personnel of the teaching faculty was increased to twenty-two sisters. Because of the crowded living conditions and the constant deterioration of the old convent, a new home was built for the Sisters in 1938. The corner stone was blessed by Fr.Timoney, Fr.Newman, Fr.Durbin, Fr Ritter and Fr.O'Hare on August 31,1937. It was blessed by Fr Timoney on April 21, 1938. The first Mass in the convent chapel was held on April 24, 1938 by Fr.Timoney and the sisters moved in that same day.

Other improvements at Holy Name during Father Timoney's pastorate are the surfacing of the playgrounds for the children, the laying of a large concrete alley in the rear of the school and convent, and recently the complete interior renovation of the Church. This work included the laying of new terrazzo floors, renovation of pews, decorating of walls, installation of new lighting system and confessionals at a cost slightly less than $20,000.00.

In 1940 the priests of the Archdiocese together with his many friends and parishioners celebrated with him, his twenty-fifth anniversary to the Holy Priesthood. Under his capable leadership and good judgment Holy Name Parish had made notable strides temporally and spiritually.

On Sunday June 29, 1941 Holy Name celebrated it's Golden Jubilee. The mass we concelebrated by the Rev. Linus Giesler, Rev Thomas Donohue, Rev. Edward Vetter and Rev. John Walsh

The serman on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the parish were delivered by the Rev. Robert Canty and Rev. Paul Durbin.

Reverend Francis J. Timony, Paster 1932-1965

New Convent built 1938

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Reverend George A. Saffin Pastor 1966-1967

Reverend Henry C. Stuecker Pastor 1967-1969

Reverend Richard E. Hommrich Pastor 1969-1976

Reverend Edwin J. Scherzer Pastor 1976-1986

Reverend John Dalton Pastor 1986-1994

Reverend John Birk Pastor 1994-2007

Reverend David Sanchez Pastor 2007-2016

Reverend Mark Spalding Pastor 2016-

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